Integrity isn’t easy to maintain – in life, at work, at home, with friends, with neighbors, etc. We make commitments all the time – and don’t always keep every promise we make.

The problem is that every unkept promise erodes our integrity.

In today’s episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video series, I outline how you can boost your integrity by proactively keeping your commitment to your commitments.

My Culture Leadership Charge series features short (two-to-three-minute) segments that describe proven culture leadership practices that boost engagement, service, and results across your work teams, departments, regions, and even your entire company.

Each episode’s “charge” is a challenge for everyone in your organization – not just leaders – to refine their behaviors and ensure everyone is treated with trust, respect, and dignity in every interaction.

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S. Chris Edmonds

Chris helps leaders create purposeful, positive, productive work cultures. He's a speaker, author, and executive consultant. He blogs, podcasts, and video casts. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers: Good Comes First (2021) and The Culture Engine (2014).
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