S. Chris Edmonds is the founder and CEO of The Purposeful Culture Group. For nearly three decades, industry-leading executives have sought Chris out to help them build and sustain values-aligned cultures that are purposeful, positive, and productive.

When it comes to improving workplace cultures, Chris cut his teeth in the trenches, through 15 years of leading and managing teams. Realizing he had a knack and a passion for getting people on the same page and working well together, Chris launched his consultancy in 1990. A few years later, he also became a highly regarded senior consultant for The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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Today, Chris is a sought-after speaker, author, and executive consultant. He’s the author or co-author of seven books, including two Amazon best-sellers: The Culture Engine and Leading at a Higher Level with Ken Blanchard. Chris is an avid blogger and video-caster and is regularly featured by global news outlets such as Forbes and The Economist as an expert in improving workplace culture.

His upcoming book with co-author Mark S. Babbitt, Good Comes First, publishes on September 28, 2021. Learn more and order your copy at GoodComesFirst.com.

Chris has helped clients in nearly every industry and sector boost the metrics that are most important to them. Within 18 months of implementing Chris’ unique Organizational Constitution tool, his clients realize gains of 40% in customer satisfaction and employee engagement and 35% in results and profits.

Chris' Servant Purpose:

Through speaking, writing, and consulting, I help leaders of organizations create purposeful, positive, productive work cultures. I help them ensure that everyone is treated with trust and respect in every interaction - which boosts employee engagement, customer service, and results and profits.

Chris' Values:

Integrity - I do what I say I will do, keep my commitments, and act on my values, so I may serve my customers deeply and hold my head high at the end of each day.
Learning - I begin every client engagement ready to learn what their strengths are and what their hopes are for their work culture. I scan the environment for current research and discoveries that can enlighten my colleagues, my clients, and me.
Joy - I celebrate the pleasure derived from doing work I’m good at and enjoy with interesting, willing learners, and bask in the core grace I feel when helping others grow.
Perfection - I deliver what I promise so that objectives are exceeded, clients and partners are wowed, and I continuously sharpen the saw so future results are better than today’s

How Chris Can Help You

Chris Edmonds is an engaging speaker who doesn't just talk about culture change - he's built a proven process for culture change! His stories and examples help his audience understand how to embed values and results in their businesses.

Hyrum Smith

Co-Founder, Franklin Covey

Chris Edmonds is a terrific storytellers and a powerful speaker. Chris clearly outlines how leaders can build purposeful, positive, productive work cultures - which every organization needs right now.

Ken Blanchard

Co-Author of the New One Minute Manager

Chris Edmonds does a phenomenal job inspiring audience members about the power of a purpose-driven, values-based company. His energy is infectious and will leave your audience wanting more.

Mark Deterding

CEO Triune Leadership Services

Chris is a riveting speaker! His engaging style and powerful content help leaders understand why making values as important as results is critical in business today. I've put Chris' ideas to work in my company already.

Scott Palat

CEO TutorFi

As a school district with a historically rich culture, it's easy to become content with the status quo. Chris' engaging keynote to our administrators outlined practical, actionable strategies that will ensure our district's culture is not just good, but premier.

Baron R. Davis

CEO Superintendent, Richland School District Two

Chris Edmonds helped our executive team craft an inspiring organizational constitution. His coaching helped us embed our servant purpose, values, and behaviors throughout our global organization. Within one year, our aligned culture led to increased business results, engagement, and service.

Ed Flowers

Former SVP & Chief People Officer of World Kitchen LLC

We brought Chris in to help us align our work culture across multi-national divisions and operations. The project was amazing and the outcome superb.

Carl Warschausky

Former CEO of World Kitchen LLC

I brought Chris in to help me create a positive and purposeful company culture where good consistently comes first-and respect is expected as much as results. Now, we're off and running. And we know we're going in the right direction.

Venus Williams

Tennis Champion, Entrepreneur

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