How do you view the world? Your worldview impacts your plans, decisions, and actions every day, at home, in your community, and at work.

Entrepreneur and author Hyrum W. Smith’s description of our worldview makes a lot of sense to me. As part of his excellent “reality model,” Hyrum describes an invisible “belief window” which hangs in front of our faces and through which we interpret the world.

The issue is that we humans do not often check whether or not our worldview is valid in today’s times. We simply embrace it as truth. If it’s not valid, then our plans, decisions, and actions won’t move us, our families, or our workplaces forward.

Most leaders are handicapped by their own worldview. They see their responsibilities, opportunities, and demands through their experiences and their beliefs. We all do that. Our childhood dynamics, our family dynamics, our community dynamics, the teachers and coaches we engaged with, the biases we observed and embraced or discarded, etc. all create a belief window through which we see others, judge others, and make decisions upon.

The problem? Our worldview only works for us. Our worldview is flawed – usually greatly flawed – when applied to others. Our narrow worldview limits us and limits our ability to connect to others effectively, to lead effectively, to inspire effectively, or to live effectively.

Servant leaders don’t act purely from their own worldview. They see their role as serving others – and helping others serve others, every day.

In today’s three-minute episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video series, I describe how to surround yourself with people of different ethnicities, different communities, different religions, different family dynamics, and more – and listen to, learn from, and incorporate their perspectives.

My Culture Leadership Charge series features short (two-to-three-minute) videos that describe proven culture leadership and servant leadership practices that boost engagement, service, and results across your work teams, departments, regions, and even your entire company.

Each episode’s “charge” is a challenge for everyone in your organization – not just leaders – to refine their behaviors and ensure everyone is treated respectfully at all times.

You’ll find my Culture Leadership Charge episodes and more on my YouTube channel. If you like what you see, please subscribe!

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How fresh, current, and valid is your worldview today? How do you and your company’s leaders engage others’ perspectives to boost the effectiveness of assumptions and decisions? Share your insights on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

S. Chris Edmonds

Chris helps leaders create purposeful, positive, productive work cultures. He's a speaker, author, and executive consultant. He blogs, podcasts, and video casts. He is the author of two Amazon bestsellers: Good Comes First (2021) and The Culture Engine (2014).
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