Directions — This Purposeful Culture Assessment provides you with feedback on the extent to which your organization’s culture models the best practices of purposeful, positive, productive work environments. In the items below, “team members” refers to any member of the organization (senior leaders, front line staff, and all in-between).

As you read each statement, fill in the bubble that best represents your level of agreement, ranging from Strongly Disagree “1” to Strongly Agree “6“. For example, if the statement read “Declared team values are the foundation for team decisions and actions” and you strongly agree, fill in the “6“. If you don’t have enough information, you might fill in the “0“, indicating that you don’t know.

Purposeful Culture Assessment

Select “1” if you strongly disagree, “2” if you disagree, “3” if you slightly disagree, “4” if you slightly agree, “5” if you agree, and “6” as strongly agree. Select “0” if you don’t know.

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