Culture Process Kickoff Training

Chris’ culture process kickoff training is offered as part of his proven culture refinement approach, which includes four phases: discovery, define, align, and refine.


In preparation for the face-to-face kickoff session, Chris conducts phone interviews with senior leaders, key stakeholders, and next level leaders to understand how the senior leadership team operates and to understand how the organization’s culture operates today. Chris analyzes interview data as well as company documents (engagement surveys, customer service data, etc.) and presents his findings in an interview summary and recommendations document.

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As prework for the process kickoff training, senior leaders read a couple of key chapters from Chris’ Amazon best seller, The Culture Engine, complete worksheets in those chapters, and read the interview summary and recommendations document.


In Chris’ interactive, highly engaging two-day process kickoff training, attendees engage in reviewing how their current culture operates, examining their own servant purpose and values, and begin crafting their senior leadership team organizational constitution as well as their organization’s constitution. These documents formalize their desired culture – in their leadership team and across their organization.


Following the two-day session, senior leaders finalize their team constitution and their organization’s constitution – and begin demonstrating their team servant purpose and valued behaviors. They map out a communications campaign to share the organization’s servant purpose, values, and behaviors, with employees.

They then ask employees to help hold leaders accountable for modeling those valued behaviors.

Approximately six months after publishing their organizational constitution, senior leaders invite all employees to rate all leaders on how well those leaders have been modeling the values and behaviors in everyday interactions. With those survey results, every leader learns what values they’re modeling well and which ones they’re not modeling well, at all. Values coaching celebrates aligned behavior and redirects mis-aligned behavior.

Following the first run of the values survey, all employees are asked to embrace the organization’s servant purpose, values, and behaviors.

Values surveys are conducted every six months to provide this vital data about citizenship, relationships, and teamwork. Along with performance data, this provides leaders with a well-rounded snapshot of the every player’s true impact on their team members, customers, and the business.

Chris is actively involved with coaching and consulting with the senior leader and the leadership team in the months that follow with regular phone calls as well as face-to-face consulting sessions.


Every two years or so, leaders need to refresh their valued behaviors to ensure they are relevant as the organization evolves, as customer needs evolve, and as the market evolves.

What is the benefit to organizations that engage in this process? Clients enjoy 40 percent gains in engagement and customer service plus 35 percent gains in results and profits – all driven by a purposeful, positive, productive work culture.

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