Chris uses a number of assessments which help clients compare their current operating culture with their ideal culture.

In addition to the research detailed below, Chris’ book, The Culture Engine, includes the Culture Effectiveness Assessment, a 50-item survey that allows leaders to gauge the health of their organizational culture.

Chris also uses the Everything DiSC approach to help leaders and leadership teams more effectively work together while guiding their company’s culture refinement.

Chris is a fully accredited facilitator of Human Synergistics International‘s Organizational Culture Inventory® and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®.

Each of these assessments help identify the best practices of effective leaders, aligned leadership teams, and high performing, values-aligned work cultures. Chris’ proven process helps clients close gaps between how their organization currently operates and the practices of purposeful, positive, productive work cultures.

Great Boss Assessment

How well does your boss model the best practices of #GREATBosses? Here are insights from Chris’ Great Boss Assessment.

The sample items below offer insight into the degree to which respondent’s bosses demonstrate #GREATBoss behaviors.

091214 GBA-1

This first item shows global responses to the responsibility of great bosses to inspire the best from their team members daily.

The desired answers from respondents are “agree” and “strongly agree” to each of these questions. The combination of those responses to this question indicates that 45% of respondents believe their boss inspires their best. That’s not bad, but it means that 55% of respondents disagree. These respondents are not inspired to do their best by their current boss

That’s leaving a lot of terrific effort on the table.

091214 GBA-2

This second question from the Great Boss Assessment asks if respondents’ current boss works to eliminate their job frustrations regularly. The percentage of respondents that agree or strongly agree is only 33%, which means 67% of respondents do not believe their boss makes their work lives easier.

That’s a big hit to both employee performance and employee engagement.

091214 GBA-3

Here’s another important question to ponder. This item asks respondents to rate their current bosses on the degree to which s/he promptly problem solves to address team issues.

37% of respondents agree, which means that 63% of respondents believe their boss lets team issues fester.

Ignoring team issues erodes team members’ willingness to apply discretionary energy, erodes their satisfaction, and quashes engagement in their work.

Let’s look at one more item from the Great Boss Assessment. This one asks respondents if their leader has defined their team’s “organizational constitution,” formalizing team purpose, values, strategies, and goals.

091214 GBA-4

Only 40% of respondents believe their leader has defined their team’s constitution. Therefore, 60% of respondents serve on teams without clear purpose, values, strategies, or goals! That’s a recipe for chaos, not for aligned performance and respectful citizenship from team members.

These great boss behaviors are proven practices that boost employee performance and engagement. To what extent do  team members believe they work for great bosses in your organization?

There’s only one way to find out: Contact Chris to discuss bringing the Great Boss Assessment into your team, department, division, or company.

Performance-Values Assessment

How well does your organization or team model the best practices of high performance, values-aligned work cultures?

Chris’ Performance-Values Assessment is a quick online survey that gauges the degree to which your organization or team has “#WorkPlaceInspiration” elements in place.

The sample questions below offer insight into how the Performance-Values Assessment> gathers staff responses on key culture practices in your organization.

This first item shows global responses to the best practice of teams defining their values in behavioral terms – defining what a “good team citizen” looks, sounds, and acts like.


These results show that only 31% of respondents (combining the “agree” and “strongly agree” totals) agree that their team has defined great citizenship. That means that 69% of respondents are in teams that have NOT defined values in behavioral terms. This is a common occurrence – and it puts teams at a huge disadvantage. In the absence of clearly defined team values, team members are left to do whatever is necessary to get stuff done (even behaving badly). That erodes mutual trust, respect, teamwork, and proactive problem solving.

Here is a second survey item to consider:


This item indicates that 32% of global respondents believe their organization’s systems, policies, and procedures enable peak performance. That means that 68% of respondents believe that company systems, policies, and procedures erode peak performance. Responses to this item indicate that two-thirds of team members have to battle a lousy infrastructure to get the right things done the right way each day.

Here is a third survey item, focused on the effectiveness of a boss’ performance coaching:


Only 30% of respondents believe that their boss provides effective performance coaching. Therefore, 70% experience less than effective performance coaching from their boss. Imagine how much better your team’s performance could be if you engaged in effective performance coaching?

What are “good” responses to these items? In high performing, values-aligned cultures, 100% of respondents answer “agree” or “strongly agree” on each of these benchmarks. As you can see from the data above, most respondents are far from that “consistently demonstrated” standard.

What’s in it for YOU?

These surveys are “best practice” benchmarks for great bosses and high performance, values-aligned work cultures. Chris not only helps you assess gaps in your leadership practices, organization or team, but guides you through a proven process to close those gaps.

Contact Chris to discuss bringing these assessments into your organization.

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