How do leaders in your organization keep their “fingers on the pulse” of the employee experience?

To stay in tune with employee perceptions and with the employee experience, leaders must make “being attuned” a priority. They must invest time and energy regularly to ask, learn, and modify.

First, ask. There are a number of effective ways to gain reliable, valid insights from employees. Use a variety of different methods regularly – from one-on-ones to informal meetups with senior leaders to town hall meetings, etc. In addition, conduct formal employee surveys at least once each year.

Employee surveys typically focus on engagement or on values alignment. Both of these angles are equally important – which is why I coach clients to do both, every year.

Employee engagement surveys provide insights into work relationships, practices, and policies.

Values alignment surveys are specific to your company’s values and behaviors. These surveys provide employees the opportunity to rate their bosses (and the company’s senior leaders) on the degree to which those leaders model your company’s formalized valued behaviors every day.

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