Troubled womanAre you, today, working for your best boss? A best boss creates a work environment where employees deliver expected results while loving their work environment.

Or, maybe you’re working for your worst boss – or for an “OK” boss.

If you’re not working for your best boss, you’re not fully present. You’re not able to apply your discretionary energy in service to team goals or customers.

In my experience and research, employees around the globe have far fewer best bosses in their careers than they have lousy bosses.

One of my lousy bosses never set clear strategy or goals with me and my team members. We didn’t know if we were “on the right track” until we shared our efforts with this boss. He was quick to tell us how badly we were doing but was unable to clarify exactly what he wanted us to do.

Our team environment was conflict-ridden with frustrations near the boiling point far too often. When I left that job it was a huge weight off of my shoulders!

Do lousy bosses really not see the issues they create? How can leaders learn to be more effective influencers, acting in service to employees?

I meet the remarkable Bill Treasurer a few weeks ago at a book marketing workshop. Bill’s new book, Leaders Open Doors, presents a wonderfully simple approach to “lift people, profits, and performance.”

Here are three nuggets of brilliance from Bill’s book. Consider these as you refine your behaviors to be every employee’s best boss.

  • Opportunity
    Leaders open doors when they leveraging opportunities for staff to grow, develop new skills, and build their value to the organization and it’s customers. Opportunities generate enthusiasm and excitement for the possibilities ahead. Opportunities shine a light on the organization’s desired path, so people see where they need to be. And, people love being hand-picked to pursue opportunities.
  • Second Chances
    Leaders open doors when they give people second chances. They forgive mistakes – and lay out expectations so that the same mistake won’t be made again. Drama is minimized; boss tantrums do not inspire employees, it demotivates them. Grudges create self-fulfilling prophesies. Open the door to learning and greater contribution with second chances.
  • Personal Transformation
    Leaders open doors when they elevate standards, ethics, and performance by creating a workplace that enables personal transformation. How do our direct reports or colleagues perceive us? Are we seen as serving others or serving ourselves? Invite honest, direct feedback. Learning how others see us can inspire an internal shift. These shifts take time but help us contribute better and serve better.

Your purchase of Leaders Open Doors will do much more than make you a better leader. 100% of the proceeds of Leaders Open Doors are being donated to charities that serve children with special needs. Bill’s book is available on Amazon.

How did your best boss open doors for you? What insights from your best boss guide your actions with your team today?

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  1. Abdul Mohi says

    Forgiving mistakes n laying out clear expectations really do wonders. My sub’s perf increased leaps n bounds after.

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