iStock_000012604962XSmallHawaii is a paradise, for visitors and for residents. The data proves it. In the most recent results from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, Hawaii ranked as the highest US state in well-being (Colorado, my home state, placed second highest). This is the fourth consecutive year that Hawaii topped this well-being list.

Sub-indexes include Life Evaluation (“thriving” is the highest level here), Emotional Health (experiencing daily enjoyment, less daily worry or stress), Work Environment (trusting and open work place, able to use one’s strengths), Physical Health (degree of obesity), Healthy Behaviors (not smoking, exercising frequently, eating healthy foods), and Basic Access (access to health insurance, food, shelter, medicine, clean water, a safe place to exercise, etc.).

You may not be able to move to Hawaii to boost your well-being. Nor are you likely to impact the well-being of residents in your state. What you can do, though, is take control of your own well-being.

Your well-being is your responsibility.

You are unable to serve anyone if your values, spirit, or health are compromised. Securing your best possible life circumstances will likely require you to make changes (sometimes incremental changes, where you can) to boost alignment of values, spirit, and health.

If you’ve not formalized your personal purpose and values, I highly recommend doing so. What is your “reason for being” on this earth? What values or principles guide your heart, head, and hands? What behaviors demonstrate that you are living your values every day?

With your personal purpose, values, and behaviors clear, surround yourself with values-aligned compadres. They lift you UP. YOU lift THEM up. They help inspire your progress and celebrate your aligned actions.

It is likely that your values will be aligned with your spiritual viewpoint. If a religious approach further serves your spirit, invest time and energy in that approach. If a less formal approach further serves your spirit, invest time and energy in that. What matters is that your spiritual self be strong and active. If it’s not, make changes to improve it.

Your health enables your physical self to support your values and your spirit. Make slow, incremental changes to increase your fitness level, to stretch your muscles, to increase your endurance. Walk the stairs rather than take the elevator. Get a step counter and learn how to refine your physical activity, diet, and sleep patterns to boost your health.

Find inspiration in others’ success stories. One of my recent favorites is Arthur Boorman’s incredible transformation.

One final suggestion: insulate yourself from naysayers. There are humans in our world who love to point out our mistakes and our shortfalls. Don’t take their assessments to heart. Where you can, remove them from your life. Where that’s impossible, simply hold them at arm’s length. Don’t let them rain on your parade.

Choose an aligned life where you can act on your values, live with a strong spirit, and enjoy physical health for many years. It all starts with you.

Join in the conversation about this post/podcast in the comments section below. What is your personal purpose? What are your values and behaviors? How do you know when your spiritual self is out of alignment? What do you do daily to boost your physical health?

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