235 years ago today our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence from foreign rule. Today is America’s birthday! Despite it’s foibles and flaws, I love this country.

The freedom embedded in our country’s roots enables me to have clear beliefs and to act on them. If, over time, they serve others and me equally well, they’re probably good beliefs to hold and act upon. In this post, I share my beliefs, as I see them at this point in time.

Your beliefs may be different. However, life experiences have taught me that many of the globe’s inhabitants share these beliefs. We may define those beliefs differently but the core foundation of our hopes and dreams are very similar.

My Beliefs

This is not a prioritized list – these beliefs are all “tied for first place.” They exist in dynamic tension as I try to act upon each belief, in unison, in every interaction, moment to moment. (I didn’t say this was easy!)

Freedom – I believe in the freedom for others to choose a different path, a different career, a different lifestyle, a different viewpoint. I believe that my freedom must not inhibit others’ freedom. I live and let live unless my or my family’s freedom or safety is compromised. If I learn that your beliefs and actions cause me distress, I simply choose to no longer interact with you.

Alignment – I believe that the best outcomes occur when we share common goals and values. I choose my friends & co-workers based upon demonstrated alignment of goals, values, and valued behaviors (the observable, measurable indications of my values “in action”.) When I surround myself with values-aligned folk, life and it’s complexities are MUCH more tolerable.

Service – I believe that my “lot in life” is to serve others. I find grace and comfort in sharing time, talent, and treasure with others. When my servant heart leads me, I learn, I make connections, and find peace in that service. If my logical, self-serving brain leads me, I isolate, judge, and create anxiety for myself.

Education – I believe that the knowledge I have gained about life & organizations (particularly about organizational culture) helps create more satisfying, engaging work environments. I have a career that enables me to educate others and (mostly) inspire leaders to create more graceful, loving workplaces.

Accountability – I believe that accountability is the most pure form of service to others. If I do what I say I will do, you can trust me and depend upon me. If you do what you say you will do, my trust and respect for you grows by the minute.

Karma – I believe that what I believe – and how I act on those beliefs – comes back to grace me or haunt me. When I serve willingly, when I enable others’ freedom, when I hold myself and others accountable for our promises, good things come our way. I have no scientific evidence that “A” behavior led to “C” outcome – but I believe that this happens, a lot.

The similarity of our beliefs – and, therefore, of our hopes and dreams – makes me optimistic that we can move past the polarization of today, learn to treat each other with civility, and together create a sustainable, positive life force for all in our future on this planet.

Are your beliefs similar to these, or vastly different, or somewhere in between? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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S. Chris Edmonds

S. Chris Edmonds

Chris helps leaders create purposeful, positive, productive work cultures. He's a speaker, author, and executive consultant. He blogs, podcasts, and video casts. He is the author of The Culture Engine and six other books.
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    • Chris EdmondsChris Edmonds says

      Thanks for your thoughts, Thabo! I really believe that most of us “global citizens” share very similar beliefs – and I’m hopeful that we can begin to behave in alignment, in peace.