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Chris is the best selling author or co-author of seven books and two manifestos. He’s one of Inc. Magazine’s 100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Event and Richtopia’s 2017 Top 200 Influential Authors.

Chris’ latest book, the Amazon best seller The Culture Engine, helps leaders create workplace inspiration with an organizational constitution.

The book is one of Motto‘s 2015 “6 Best Branding Books for Entrepreneurs“!

How can The Culture Engine help you refine your organization’s culture? Read this post from the President and CEO of the American Alliance of Museums who used it to guide their culture change.

Listen as Chris shares insights from The Culture Engine:

Ready to buy a copy? Find it at 800-CEO-Read (discounts for bulk orders), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Prefer an audiobook of The Culture Engine? has it.



ChangeThis.122.04.CultureEngineChris’ latest ChangeThis manifesto, Driving Results Through An Organizational Constitution, is available free at ChangeThis.






112.04.OrganizationalConstitutionChris’ first ChangeThis manifesto, What? Your Organization Doesn’t Have a Constitution?, is available free at ChangeThis.

This manifesto is one of the top ten most popular downloads on ChangeThis.





Great Boss ebook cover 1013Chris’ ebook, Be a GREAT Boss, is only available to opt-in subscribers of his weekly updates. This book introduces the concepts of the five GREAT boss secrets.

Be a GREAT Boss is an engaging read! To get your free copy, subscribe to Chris’ weekly updates today.





GREATBOSSEStweet_cover_lg_091313His #GREAT Bosses tweet introduces the five secrets GREAT bosses use to create trust and respect in the workplace.

These five secrets spell out what “GREAT” bosses do: they inspire Growth, honor Relationships, inspire Excellence, ensure Accountability, and spur Teamwork.

At a time when employees are only as good as the bosses that lead them, #GREAT Bosses tweet aspires to raise the bar in the way bosses deal with the teams they lead.

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Find #GREAT Bosses tweet at Amazon in softcover or ebook formats.




SCL03 Instructional Design Cover

In #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet: Instructional Design, Chris and co-authors Vicki Halsey and Mitchell Levy outline the Brilliance Learning System, which creates engaged, committed, active workplace learners.

Anyone who designs learning modules or meetings will find #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet: Instructional Design indispensable in creating vibrant learning experiences. Find this terrific resource at Amazon in softcover or ebook formats.





In #POSITIVITY AT WORK tweet, Chris and co-author Lisa Zigarmi explain how work is a vital and ready avenue to well-being.

In an age where people live for the weekends, Chris & Lisa show readers that work can fulfill their individual needs for autonomy, connection, and impact while helping their organizations thrive.

#POSITIVITY AT WORK tweet is available on Amazon in softcover and ebook formats.





In #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet, Chris shows you how to recognize an organization’s culture and identify what a healthy workplace culture looks, acts, and sounds like.

In crisp, descriptive terms, Chris outlines the discipline and effort required manage your team or organizational culture day in and day out.

Find Chris’ #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet on Amazon in softcover or ebook formats.






Chris co-authored the best selling revised and expanded edition of Leading At A Higher Level with Ken Blanchard and select colleagues.

This book is a compendium of Blanchard’s successful leadership, culture, teams, and coaching solutions with clients all over the globe.

Get your copy on Amazon in hardcover or ebook formats.




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