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Who seeks Chris out? Leaders who run successful teams, departments, and companies – and want to take their organization to the next level.

These leaders are not “building a culture.” Rather, something in the organization isn’t going quite right and they can’t put their finger on what or why.

What’s wrong? Production and quality have dropped. Efficiencies aren’t being leveraged. Morale is low. Teams have conflicts. At times, employees aren’t speaking, or are discounting one another’s opinion. They’re periodically frustrated. They don’t demonstrate consistent care to customers. They’re not keeping all their promises. They may even be eroding the customer experience unintentionally.

Chris knows that, whatever the presenting problem, a major part of the difficulty lies in the organization’s culture. Most organizations in fact are more intentional about their products and services than their culture.

Most leaders put more thought into their products and services than into their culture, yet culture drives everything that happens in their organizations.

Their culture wasn’t created intentionally, it happened by default. It may not be a healthy culture, but it’s there just the same. Culture is a powerful and (usually) invisible force in organizations.


How do you affect culture? Leaders have to pay as much attention to citizenship and values as they do to results. By doing so, they create WorkPlace Inspiration, grounded in dignity and respect. Employees give them more discretionary effort.

The people in the organization need a foundation of values. Employees need a sense of belonging, of connection, a sense that they’re doing something special.

It all starts with the boss. A boss can make a working environment fun – or hell.

If you’re a boss that creates the right type of workplace, your people will follow you anywhere.

How then does Chris help organizations and bosses create inspiring, fun cultures, so that employees will feel valued and want to give their all? He takes a behavioral approach to culture change; one that makes culture change tangible, observable, and controllable.

Chris helps leaders create a set of proven agreements – codifying the company’s purpose, values, strategy, and goals – then ensuring all leaders and staff embrace those daily.

Chris is an organizational behaviorist. His approach is behavioral, logical, engineered.

Chris changes cultures and teams behaviorally. He gets leaders to define what civility, high performance, and even fun, look like for them. Then he formalizes those things – in written form, getting agreements on what behaviors would bring about those things, and coaches the organization or team to execute on those behaviors.

He helps leaders create an organizational constitution.

If some people don’t initially have a good attitude, that’s OK. As long as they demonstrate desired behaviors, their attitude will follow along.

Chris writes rules of good conduct and high performance and helps people live by them.

Chris works with leaders to define their rules (not punitive ones – liberating ones) and then disseminate them so that everyone in the company understands and lives by the same rules.

These are the organization’s Ten Commandments, it’s Constitution, it’s Magna Carta.

Chris creates the governing principles underlying desired behaviors so people have a better chance of doing what they need to do the way they need to do it.

Chris helps leaders create foundations and standards for civility. This creates the absence of bad behaviors, the absence of teasing, the absence of rudeness.

Chris helps companies understand what “fair” is and how to operationalize “fair” so it’s part of their day-to-day culture.

If a company has a value of integrity, what does that look like? How do leaders and team members know if they’re demonstrating integrity?

By defining integrity in observable, tangible, measurable, behavioral terms.

“In our company, integrity means you keep your promises.“

“Integrity means you make your commitments intentionally and let stakeholders know if, for any reason, you’re unable to keep your commitments.“

What’s new in Chris’ approach? The clarity Chris helps people achieve around civility, acknowledgement, and validation.

Chris’ culture clients enjoy growth in employee engagement (40 percent or more), customer satisfaction (40 percent or more), and net profits (30 percent or more). What benefits will your values-aligned culture bring?

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